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Hello Janice,
I am a physicist-artist, and a friend of Stephen. It is a pleasure to have been introduced to your art through his . It is in the Expressionist genre, I think, and evocative of the work of the great Vincent van Gogh. But you can do sculpture, which he could not.
Warm regards,


Just wow - lots of love to you and Steve


Was just browsing the net and found your site. Lovely to see your work again. Bronzes are amazing!
Your a fab artist and I wish you enormous success. You soo deserve it Janice.
Nice photo of you as well!
Jane Scott

Great works

Your a great artist and sculpture. Good luck with the exhibition.

Your art

I've always believed in you and your art. Through the 21 years I've known you, not once have you wavered in your principles of painting and sculpting for yourself, you've never bowed to any commercial pressure. Your up and coming exhibitions, where you will show your sculptures, is just reward for decades of commitment to art. Congratulations sweetpea, I'm really proud of you.

Steve x

Your Work

Hi Janice,
I have just browsed through your work...You are a very talented lady. I have always wished I could draw, but I have reached the age of a pensioner, and I still cant even manage to draw a matchstick man. It looks like you have a nice studio to work in too...Good luck, regards, Mali.
Mali Halls